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Generational Wealth Team

Join the Diamond Club

Join the Diamond Club

Networth $1Million+ 

We have more complex wealth strategies: I will shop around for the highest return and highest return bonus plan to get your cash value increase day 1 through over 100+ financial insurance companies.

Diversify strategies to keep assets growing as needed.

Offer Real Estate Strategies

Billionaire Coach direct advice.

Share business strategies to scale a business

Strategies to use bank and OPM Money to grow assets.

SafeGuard all investment from Majority of ALL risk

Check previous years of tax returns against any other tax deductions and tax credits allowed

Check Business Tax Returns against any other tax deductions or tax Credits allowed

Create a full financial service income/versus expense ledger.

Maximize business credit to earn additional income.

Real Estate investing strategy knowledge to enhance to a 10X Level.

Generational Health Strategies to help thrive longer during retirement

3 Year Wealth Membership included

Other perks include Discounts or upto 100% Reimbursements on other services you currently pay or services you will need in the future and we will shop costs for some of these features:

Mortgage Loan Discount Points and Closing Costs

Home and Auto Insurance

Health Care and Medicare Costs

Life Insurance Needs

Long-Term Care Costs

Estate Planning

Income Tax Filing

Vacation Packages

Luxury Car Rental

First Class Round Trip

Free admission at select sports games

Free admission to Wealth events

You get access to have me for going over all your financial goals with VIP Urgency when possible

Invites to Millionaire and Billionaire Mindset Events - @ VIP Level invitations

Get Discounts on Millionaire and Billionaire Clubs and Organizations

Help with cashback and point offers at a higher level.

Retail Price $30,000 - Limited time Refundable Down Payment of $10,000.00

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