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We are looking for you or your company to be a sponsor at our event and even become partners with us where you can have your name and logo on our reservation that we send out as well as on our online marketing campaign and our drip sequence campaign.

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The Generational Wealth Team will be planning wealth dinner events with clients who have a decent amount of net worth and with people that are retiring in the near future. The average net worth of those invited is $250K to $1MM.

We are planning events within 30-45 days of sending out the first postcard to our clients.

We are sending out by mail 10,000 invitations at a time. We will be sending out over 25,000 emails, which will be listed on Eventbrite and we have a text message campaign as well.

Meet Darrius Walls

Generational Wealth Team has over 18 years of experience providing vehicles for tax strategies and tax grants, asset management, retirement planning, and estate planning, business and personal credit, and business and personal coaching. My network includes more than 100 insurance companies, 100 lenders, and banks. We are aligned with providing options designed to fit the financial goals of our clients. While I am based in Chicago, I am licensed in 35 states across the country, and my parent company is licensed in all 50 states. Combining our thoroughness and resources provides reassurance to our clients knowing they have the best!

Generational wealth team

We work hard to be competitive and shatter competitor options for our clients to rest knowing they have the best.



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Be Part of the Team

We are looking for you or your company to sponsor our event and even become a partner with us. Get various benefits!

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity