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Receive a Referral fee starting @ $50 up to $1,500 for every friend or family you refer that becomes a customer or client.

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Receive a Referral fee starting @ $50 up to $1,500 today for every friend or family you refer that becomes a customer or client. Just fill in the required information.

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Generational Wealth Team has over 18 years of experience providing vehicles for tax strategies and tax grants, asset management, retirement planning, and estate planning, business and personal credit, and business and personal coaching. My network includes more than 100 insurance companies, 100 lenders, and banks. We are aligned with providing options designed to fit the financial goals of our clients. While I am based in Chicago, I am licensed in 35 states across the country, and my parent company is licensed in all 50 states. Combining our thoroughness and resources provides reassurance to our clients knowing they have the best!

Generational wealth team

We work hard to be competitive and shatter competitor options for our clients to rest knowing they have the best.


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Receive a referral fee from $50 up to $1,500. Learn about the memberships we offer.


One Consultation per month on strategies for generational planning

Life Insurance structure for the family

Access to all of the services that you will benefit from

Mortgage Strategy emails

General Income strategies

General savings strategies

Receive information about strategies via email

Receive discounts on any financial services that are purchased or rebates and reimbursements for membership payments

Receive 10% referral fees on any affiliate referred to the company

Receive information on discount platforms and points on purchase platforms

Legal and estate planning strategy

Tax strategies

Access to Grant programs

Luxury service notifications

Vacation service notifications


Same as Bronze

Access to one mastermind zoom strategy meetings

Access to networking events in the state and out of state

Receive points towards giveaways


Same as Silver

Get access to a personal credit repair coach and credit repair service as needed for 60-90 days - after the price is $88/monthly

Attend 2 zoom mastermind generational wealth meetings

2 private Generational wealth team Consultations per month if needed (15-30 minutes each)


Same as previous memberships

Attend 3-4 zoom Mastermind Generational wealth meetings

Up to 3 - 4 If needed private consultations @ 30 minutes on one meeting and up to 15 mins for up to 3 additional

Receive business coach and business structure

Receive real estate investing structure

Receive billionaire tips and mentoring advice

Ticket to one wealth dinner per month

Obtain 2 Investment Property underwriting offers and two real estate loan structures for two properties.

Access to other billionaire programs to create generational wealth


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Receive a Referral fee starting @ $50 up to $1,500 for every friend or family you refer that becomes a customer or client. Just fill out the information here.



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We offer memberships from $50 to $300 tailored to all customer needs.

Receive a referral fee from $50 up to $1,500 by referring new customers.


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Receive a referral fee for every friend or family member you refer who becomes a customer.

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